Goals and Commitments

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BPAC has three specific goals and corresponding commitments:


Goal #1: To inform the RAP Team about public views and opinions.

Commitment #1: To meet this goal, BPAC will ensure that there is revitalization of the public’s understanding and involvement in remediation of the St. Marys River and will help to convey the public’s views and opinions to the Team.

Goal #2: To assist with water use goals, planning methodology, technical data, preferred remedial options, problem identification, plan recommendations, and plan adoption.

Commitment #2: To meet this goal, BPAC will identify, track, and publicize implementation activities within the AOC. It will also advise the RAP Team as may be necessary towards the completion of the Stage 2 RAP requirements and its Stage 3 implementation.

Goal #3: To ensure that the water quality and the ecosystem are improved and protected for all users of the river.

Commitment #3: To meet this goal, BPAC will raise public awareness of the environmental and ecological health of the St. Marys River. In its advocacy capacity, BPAC will identify related issues and recommend specific actions needed to resolve them.