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Presentations to BPAC

Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment: An Investigation of the Eutrophication and Undesirable Algae, and Degradation of Aesthetics BUIs in the Canadian St. Marys River AOC (Carrie Ginou, September 2016).

Assessing Coastal Wetland Habitat Condition on the Canadian Side of the SMR AOC (EC, June 2015)

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Official Plan Review (City, June 2015)

SMR Outreach Overview – Eat Safe Fish (MDHHS, June 2015)

Water Quality Sampling & Analysis for the SMR AOC Year 2 – BUI Assessment Presentation (Carrie Ginou, March 2015)

St. Marys River Rapids Habitat Feasibility Study Presentation (March 17, 2015)

Presentation on Nearshore Fish Community Health in the St. Marys River AOC (DFO – February 2015)

Water Quality Sampling & Analysis for the SMR AOC – BUI Assessment Presentation (Carrie GInou, March 2014)

Water Quality Study – Year 1 Technical Report (March 2014)

SMR White Sucker Tumour Prevalence and Potential Causes Presentation (Dr. P. Baumann, March 2014)

Assessing Michigan’s Beneficial Use of Sport Caught Fish Presentation (MDCH, March 2014)

Assessment of the Wildlife Deformities and Reproductive Problems BUI: St. Marys River AOC Presentation (EC, June 2013)

St. Marys River AOC: Assessment of the Bird or Animal Deformities or Reproductive Problems BUI Presentation (MDEQ, June 2013)

The DEQ Presentation to BPAC on Michigan Aesthetics BUI (July 2012)

St. Marys River Remedial Action Plan Presentation (Booker 2003)

Important Materials

St. Marys River Ontario RAP Office 2014 Annual Report to BPAC (Februray 2015)

St. Marys River Ontario RAP Office 2013 Annual Report to BPAC (January 2014)

Oil and Water – Tar Sands Crude Shipping Meets the Great Lakes? (Alliance for the Great Lakes, 2013)

Assessing the Potential Hazards to the River Associated with Vessel Discharges (March 2013)

St. Marys River Ontario RAP Office 2012 Annual Report to BPAC (2012)

St. Marys River Fish and Wildlife Restoration Plan by BPAC (2008)

St. Marys River RAP Public Involvement Program Review (Evans 1994)

St. Marys River BPAC Members Handbook

BPAC Letters

BPAC Letter to EC re: Endorsement of Updated Ontario Delisting Criteria (2015)

BPAC Letter to MDEQ re: Endorsement of Amended Michigan FWRP (2015)

BPAC Letter to EC re: Endorsement of Ontario Bird-Animal Deformities BUI Redesignation (2015)

BPAC Letter to EUP CWMA re: Collaboration on AIS Management Program (2014)

BPAC Letter to GLSF re: Support for Ontario RAP Office (2014)

BPAC Letter to OMB re: Klaas Oswald Particpation in OMB (2014)

BPAC Letter to MNR re: Protection of Wetlands in the SMR AOC (2013)

BPAC Letter to Chippewa County Road Commission re: Support for Little Rapids Project (June 2013)

BPAC Letter to RCA Board re: Pointe Estates Development (March 2013)

BPAC Letter to MDEQ re: Assessment of Aesthetics BUI (February 2013)